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I have done some extensive reading about what doctors in the U.S. have found Ok! some are out to make money so that you buy their products but I have listened to doctors who really have done their home work on this subject it is a very tight routine and regime and if you want to extent your life you have to play by the rules so that your blood sugars are with in reasonable limits. I purchased the works of Dr Ryan Shelton M.D. I have started using the program and I can honestly say that I feel much better and clearer thinking, I had to give up coffee and strictly cancel out any sugars in my breakfast which is important because that is where the hidden sugars lie there are short exercises to kick start the metabolism so that the Pancrease wakes up. and starts functioning and only the you can see the blood sugars come down. I will write some more when I have waded thru all my findings.

Dont lose hope. dolly68

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Has anyone else tried out the works of Dr Ryan Shelton? Does anyone have any other treatments to recommend?

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