Involuntary muscle movements


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One of the main symptoms of focal dystonia is the appearance of involuntary abnormal movements, related to the uncontrolled contraction of muscles.

Do you or your loved one suffer from it? Ask your questions here and share your experience to help other members. Is this common? Is it painful? Is it disabling?

>> More information on focal dystonia on the dedicated disease sheet here 

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Involuntary muscle movements

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Please would someone be able to advise me?

I am having problems getting a diagnosis. 

The neurologist diagnosed me a few months ago, 

But has discharged me without any further treatment .

He says it is anxiety based, but I have a lopsided jaw, kneck spasms, talking a nonsense language when overwhelmed.

And uncontrollable leg movements, and speach issues.

The mental health team.

Are saying I have dystonia! 

Has anyone had this experience? 

And if so what would you suggest I do?

Thank you.

Involuntary muscle movements

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@MalikaTabit Hello,

That sounds very distressing but it really sounds like dystonia, I don't understand why the doctors have thrown this back at you and made you believe that it is in your head?

Go to a different doctor and get a second opinion. My sister was sick with MS for years and she was told "it's stress" or "it's in your head". It was a horribly difficult time. 

Go and find another doctor, you owe it to yourself.

For what it's worth, it sounds like dystonia to me.

Involuntary muscle movements

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me.

I am sorry your sister went through this as well!

I will get a second opinion if I can?

Involuntary muscle movements

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@MalikaTabit Yes, you should make an appointment with another GP, you deserve to do what's right for you and get some answers! Unfortunately, we have to fight and persist in this world to get the care that we deserve! 

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