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There are a lot of people that firmly believe there is a connection between what we eat and how we feel. 

There are some people that after eating somehting feel a disconfort or the fact of eating a specific thing makes them feel better.

I invite you to share all your diets, recipes and tips you might have :)



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Diet, food and fibro

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This is a difficult one. One day I will eat/drink something & I will be fine. Another time I will have the same things & I will have stomach pain & be running to the loo all day. I also suffer with diverticulitis/hiatus hernia/osteo arthritis as well as fibro.

Diet, food and fibro

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Well I don't have any special diet either but trying to eat healthy. I don't feel well after having eaten fat food like burgers or too much cheese or fat meat, sauces etc.

I guess my stomach doesn't accept this type of food which is good cause it forces me to take care of what I eat and drink.

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