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In this discussion I'd like to invite you to share your experiences concerning your doctor's appointments.

What healthcare professionnal do you see most often for your fibromyalgia? How often? Is it difficult to get an appointment?

If you have something to say on this subject, an opinion or a story to share, don't hesitate to do so emoticon wink

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Doctor's appointments

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Usually want to bang my head against the wall or literally shake the doc.. I'm not talking in a foreign language but I may as well be .. it's not easy getting there in the first place to just be dismissed with .. well you already taking pain meds so that's it really 

Doctor's appointments

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@Splasha That is exactly what my doctors say to me, but I am in so much pain that I do not sleep for more than an hour in one go. I am a "fidgety" sleeper at the best of times and turning over in bed wakes me up in the blink of an eye now , with the pain being almost unbearable.

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