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Hi all

How do people cope with the isolation this condition causes. I'm new on here and would like to meet people. I live in Manchester. TIA x

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Hi there, isolation is probably the most difficult aspect of fibro for me. I've always been strong, independant and the one that helps everybody else. I promised myself I would talk to my friends and family. I think talking about how it affects you with people that care about you is a must, asking for help when you need it. If we don't talk to people how can we possibly build up awareness! We're not whining or looking for sympathy just a little understanding. Take care


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Good advisor

I actually didnt know about what this condition was i suffer from depression, but i just did abit of reading on it, and i wonder if i have it too :/ 

Its awful and impacts life all the time, but not 100 per  cent sure i do have it!? 

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