Fibromyalgia or Fibrositis?

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Hello, I'm new here. I was diagnosed with FM in 2014, the GP I spoke to didn't seem to know much about FM or CFS, she didn't even think CFS was a thing, hence her going with FM. She never ruled out other health problems, but I had basically tried everything help wise for FM before being diagnosed with it (if that makes sense). I've since seen two other GP's in regards to my FM, one of which said she would update the coding for FM correctly (I didn't know what she meant at the time) and the other actually had blood tests done which ruled out other problems. I've since seen my patient summary and on there it says "fibrositis unspecified", I then sort of understood why one of the other GP said she'd update the coding but the medical centre is trying to tell me fibrositis and fibromyalgia are the same thing but that's not what it says on the internet, it says that fibrositis is swelling of the connective tissues and the with FM you don't get any swelling, it was a term used years ago for FM before it was called Fibromyalgia, it's apparently a misnomer. Unfortunately, the GP that said she'd update the coding has since left so I can't speak to her about it. My question is, does it matter that the summary says fibrositis rather than fibromyalgia or do I need to keep trying to get it updated? I'm already considering changing medical centres because the receptionists are awful at this one, the assistant practice manager seems to misread everything and the GP's lack knowledge in regards to mental health and FM and how they affect each other. Thanks in advance.

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Fibromyalgia or Fibrositis?

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@Amathyst hi, I was diagnosed with FMS in 2007, after I had had an operation to remove my appendix.

Since being diagnosed it has been very hard. My head is all over the place every day, the pain is unbearable, not being able to even pick up a wash basket or a tea towel. Will come back and write some more soon, fingers hurt.

Fibromyalgia or Fibrositis?

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@Amathyst @ moomoo Hello,

Thank you for posting, I think you could find our discussion group on living with chronic pain to be useful, we have lots of articles and diucssions about pain management, you can access it by clicking here.

Some of our members might have some advice for you:

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