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hi all

i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 years ago but am sure I have suffered from it since I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago but was told it was all In my head and was neurotic eventually a doctor at a pain clinic diagnosed me I was that releved to have a name to put to my illness I cried

i have taken many different tablets over the years but am  coping really well on the medication I am now on although I habe just moved from one end of the country to to the other and am worried new docs will mess with them 

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Hey ladyinpain

I know how you feel, I have moved a lot in my life and each time, mostly when I got sick, I had more and more fear of not finding a good doctor that really cares about me and it is not just worried to make money or give you a quick prescription. I can tell you that what I always do is try different and then make a decition, even if I meet someone ask him about their doc. It might sound stuid, but when you have a condition that needs to be constantly attended you feel safe knowing you have a doctor that will treat you well and go till the last end to diagnose you well, I had once a doctor which gave me paracetamol for everything! It was soooo anoying, he ended up screwing with my stomach and not fixing anything and at the end it turned out I had a severe problem in my back wich needed intervention... SO I get you, I hope you find a GP soon which really cares about you :D

Just saying hello

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What medication can you take for the pain? I take the odd paracetamol which isn't much help. I can't take ibruprofen because of stomach problems. So what else is there? I though that when I retired from work that I would feel better & for a while I did. But all of a sudden these past few months it all seems to have caught up with me. I feel very stiff,ungainly & I have a lot of pain particularly in my back.

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