Fibromyalgia: Looking for Understanding

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Hi, I know that I am very lucky to have my family who understand me and this condition, Fibro affects me not only with chronic pain but with fatigue that will just make me drop off within a second until it’s actually bedtime of course. I have so many different medications now I’m sure I rattle. Isn’t it insane that we have one to help with the pain, then one to protect our stomachs and another to help any side effects like itching? The list goes on and on. I have 2 young children 7 & 8 who are homeschooled and a 21-year-old who is expecting our first grandchild this year. It really upsets me that I can not do the things I want to with my children. Don’t get me wrong I do lots of things with them but physically I can not run about with them, I can’t play in the park and all the fun things children like to physically do. This condition has changed my life so much, I’m no quitter believe me and every morning when I wake up I push myself to get out of bed and get on with the day. 
Does anyone have other conditions that have started since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia? 

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Fibromyalgia: Looking for Understanding

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Hi I must say it's nice knowing somebody else doesn't give up....

Prior to been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I have

Raynards..Carpal Tunnel syndrome... Arthritis... ME.. urge/stress incontinence ..Arachnoid Cyst right Temporal lobe 

After been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I now have osteoarthritis/osteoporosis of left hip waiting on hip replacement which has now been put to one side due to discs in neck have gone with mild spinal stenosis.... variable eyesight plus other niggling things to deal with....

Like yourself if it wasn't for daughter & granddaughter I would be lost ....

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