Words to describe your fibromyalgia pain?


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About a year ago, the BBC produced a video featuring women who described their fibromyalgia symptoms in very colourful ways.

How would describe your symptoms? What's the best way you've found to help someone who's not living with the condition to understand what you're going through?

Are there any metaphors or expressions that you find particularly impactful?


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Words to describe your fibromyalgia pain?

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Hello fellow members,

I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this topic? When you share your experiences it helps new members coming into the community better understand their condition. Anyone willing to give it go?

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Words to describe your fibromyalgia pain?

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like someone has removed my batteries.

run over by a bus, then knocked down by mike tyson after running 2 marathons...

to learn to say no

to appreciate good days & creating memories

Words to describe your fibromyalgia pain?

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Thanks for your vivid description @Jontie68‍ 

It must very hard to explain a disease that no one can see. And great point about knowing your limits and how to say no. Do you have any rituals to help you get through the bad days? 

Words to describe your fibromyalgia pain?

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Hello everyone,

I thought I'd pop in to share our latest article about fibromyalgia! emoticon cute

We asked Carenity members to describe their experience with fibromyalgia and put their fibro pain into words: Fibromyalgia: Widespread, burning pain throughout the body

What do you think? Do their descriptions of fibromyalgia pain reflect your experience? How do you treat your fibro pain? With medicine or natural methods?
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Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences here!

Take care,

Words to describe your fibromyalgia pain?

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All consuming and unrelenting

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