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Epilepsy is a chronic medical condition characterized by recurrent seizures. These seizures come from a malfunction of the brain in which the neurons that are supposed to work together through electrical signals, stop communicating correctly. 



Nearly one in 10 adults will have a seizure in their life and this doesn't mean they are epileptic. But if you have two or more seizures without a clear reason, then you might have epilepsy.

Contrary to what others might believe, an epileptic crisis is not necessarily followed by a systematic convulsion or abrupt movements. However, there are other manifestations that can intervene: loss of consciousness, repetitive involuntary movements, hallucinations...

There are medical treatments to fight epilepsy. Their objective is to eliminate the crises, or at least to lower their severity or frequency. For certain types of epilepsy that don't respond to medications, surgery can be an option.

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In order to understand the disease and know how to cope with it on a daily basis, the exchange of information and advice with other people affected by epilepsy can be really useful. You can find answers to questions related to personal or professional life, treatments, etc. on the Epilespy Forum.

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