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People with asthma who use Ventolin Accuhaler inhalers are being asked to check lot numbers on their devices after a product recall.

A manufacturing problem caused a mark or tear in foil strips that has led to some units not delivering the full number of doses.

According to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), people who have used the devices from 2 specific batches may find that their symptoms are not relieved as normal.

Additionally, 1 batch of Seretide Accuhaler, used for maintenance treatment of asthma, is being recalled from hospitals, pharmacies, dispensing practices, retailers and wholesalers.

Check lot numbers and expiry dates

Both inhalers are manufactured by Glaxo Wellcome UK Limited

The inhalers being recalled are:

- Seretide Accuhaler inhaler 50/250mcg –1x60D

Lot: 5K8W

Expiry date: 28/04/2019

- Ventolin Accuhaler inhaler 200mcg –1x60D

Lot: 754P

Expiry date: 11/05/2019

- Ventolin Accuhaler inhaler 200mcg –1x60D

Lot: 786G

Expiry date: 12/05/2019

Other asthma inhalers, including the more commonly used Ventolin Evohaler, are not affected.

Bernadette Sinclair Jenkins, from the MHRA's Inspections, Enforcement and Standards unit, says in a statement: "It is important people check whether they have an affected inhaler. We want patients and their families to be confident treatment will be safe and effective when required. People with a Ventolin Accuhaler from the affected lots should take them to their pharmacy or their dispensing practice and speak to a pharmacist who will provide a replacement. We strongly encourage anyone to report any issues with their inhalers or other medicines or medical devices to MHRA via our Yellow Card Scheme."

'Don't panic'

Dr Andy Whittamore, Asthma UK's in-house GP, comments in a statement: "Understandably, if you have asthma you might be worried your inhaler is affected. But, there's no need to panic. There are three lots of inhalers in the UK that might be faulty, and if your inhaler is among them, you just need to get it changed."

He adds: "The medicine in the Ventolin or Seretide inhalers hasn’t been affected. So, it won’t have harmed you to have been taking them, other than not getting the right dose of medicine you need."

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Asthma inhalers recalled
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we must always check everything. Different tablets come in same colour box 

Check each time you have to take the tablets and other things. I have Three different types of tablets in blue boxes this is the example...

Asthma inhalers recalled
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Every time I collect my medication from the Pharmacy, I double-check boxes, labels, dosage and medication in the box.

After numerous errors made by a Government Hospital in the past, I automatically check when I collect.

It is up to the patient to check he/she has the correct medication! 

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