Any experiences with Prolia (Denosumab)?

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As is well known, , even a short course of Chemotherapy can compromise a person's immune system. One aftereffect can be the onset of osteoporosis. One of the prescribed drugs is Denosusab (Prolia) Has anyone had any experience with this as one of the side effects says it can cause a dull headache or itching under the scalp.? 

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Any experiences with Prolia (Denosumab)?

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@viking47 Hello viking47, thank you for opening this discussion. I've moved it to our "treatments for cancer" group for more visibility. emoticon cute

Hello members, how are you doing? Do any of you have experience with Prolia? If so, did you experience any side effects?

Don't hesitate to share your opinion on Prolia here in this discussion or on our medication fact sheet: @superman@colinlivi@CaptainMike@Bryanthemercman@robert1908@Dazzer65@Wales67@Ian1971@TC17165@Pedro22560‍ @Peanut07@GrahamMaxwell‍ @dionotts@toysandgames@Ste8769‍ 

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