Let's talk about chronic pain!


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Hello everyone, 

How are you? emoticon cute

I've created this group so that we can discuss chronic pain more generally.

What role does chronic pain play in your life? How do you handle it in the day-to-day? Has it had an impact on your mental health? Are you being treated for it? How do you cope?

Feel free to share here!

Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 20/08/2020

Let's talk about chronic pain!

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I have some terrible back pain. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I've tried changing sleeping positions and taking some basic ibuprofen but it hasn't helped. I try not to go to the doctor too often because I've never liked doctors so I'd like to treat it myself.

Let's talk about chronic pain!

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I have chronic pain, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, COPD, chronic arthritis. had 11 operations on each knee including one new knee awaiting op for other one, had both my carpal tunnels operated on, had a trigger finger operated on, had a bone removed from my thumb (failed op) pain is now worse and hand is useless awaiting consultation, arthritis in both shoulders and neck and have had 29 operations over the years and been a passenger in 26 car accidents!  I still manage to look out for myself and have two horses but feel I may have to give the farm up. Lockdown has made me realise how much I relied on the help I had once a week from a friend with cleaning, bed changing, carrying things up and down stairs etc. I used to manage 100% better when I had my 6 weekly treatments at the pain clinic.

Covid has changed everything. I have been shielding for a year now and have only left my property 8 times in a year and that was for medical stuff. Thank heavens I have wonderful neighbours, online shopping and have had my first vaccine shot. I feel blessed to live in the UK.

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