What is your Type 1 Diabetes story? Let's share!


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Hello everyone,

How are you today? emoticon cute

I thought I would open this discussion so that we could all get to know one another better!

So, let's talk about your experiences with type 1 diabetes! How and when were you diagnosed? What symptoms did you have before your diagnosis? How are you doing today? Feel free to share here!

Feel free to introduce yourself and share your story here!

Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 06/08/2020

What is your Type 1 Diabetes story? Let's share!

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@Courtney_J Hi everyone, I'm William. I was diagnosed with diabetes as a child and it seems to run in my family. It was very difficult for me to accept and cope with at the time because there was very little awareness and information on it like there is today. I struggled early on because I just wanted to be "normal" and live my life like my friends. I eventually settled down and accepted it and I thought that I had been doing rather well until I was diagnosed with nephropathy a few years ago.

Does anyone else have it too or have you all managed to escape it?

What is your Type 1 Diabetes story? Let's share!

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I was diagnosed in year 6 or 7. I had been losing weight and feeling sluggish for months but didn't really think much of it because school is tiring. It wasn't until we went on holiday at the end of term with family that we realised that I was drinking and using the toilet way more than normal. My mum and gran pushed for me to go to the doctor and I did with much resistance. It was a good thing that I went when I did because my bloods were through the roof. If we had waited much longer I would have gone into a coma. I remember being embarrassed at the time because I was young and I didn't want all the attention on me. 

@sirwilliam I also have nephropathy. I think once you get to a certain age it almost become inevitable. 

What is your Type 1 Diabetes story? Let's share!

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I don't really remember being diagnosed anymore, I was very young, propably four or five. My family recognised the symptoms and took me to see the family doctor who sent us to hospital. It's interesting to see that we were all diagnosed very young, but I guess that's common in type 1.

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