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Good afternoon all, I have been diagnosed with FM for just over a year now and take pregabalin 300mg per day, this really helps with the nerve pain and puts a stop to the electric shocks. However, because I still work full time I didn't want to take meds that made me feel fuzzy so only take paracetamol for the muscle pain. The pain from my ribs to me knees is getting so intense in bed at night the paracetamol isn't helping anymore. I've just been putting up with this but I'm so tired. Does anyone take anything at night that helps and doesn't make you feel doped all day? Oh I do have chronic constipation and reflux so possibly couldn't take ibuprofen. Thanks for you help

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hi Brunette, my doctor first prescribed me co codomol which worked for a while. She then prescribed Codeine 30mg which I only take at night, but it works for me. Also gave me Movicol for constipation. This works for me and helps me sleep with Pregablin and Amytriptilene.  You may find as you are working, to take the Codeine during the can take up to eight a day. Straight Codeine is stronger than paracetamol, so suggest you start by taking just one to see how it works, you can always up it.  Wish you luck and hope it helps.  Mo x

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