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Hello everyone,

One of our members, @GLOJO1‍, sent me a message that might be helpful for you concerning managing your fibromyalgia.

"Hi Josephine,

I suffer chronic pain from multiple health issues and I am always looking for just anything that could help with just some of the pain.Then last week i came across a tablet that is actually for Diabetics,but they have found out that they are actually beneficial to people with fibromyalgia.When i was at the hospital last Thursday I told the doctor about this tablet and he said No, no,it's medication for Diabetics.

I told him Yes I know, but just check it out while we are here.Well he checked it out on the screen in front of him and he said, Oh yes you are right, well I really didn't know that, He asked me when I was seeing  my rheumatologist next  and I told him next week (tomorrow).He told me to make sure I i write the name down and give it to him.This  Doctor seemed to be really pleased that I had come across it. The name of the tablet is Metformin,i know its a tablet for Diabetics but it has good reports for fibromyalgia.My Son is Diabetic and I just found out that he is on  Metformin.

I thought perhaps a lot of people who are with  Carenity might benefit by it as well.Because there are so many people who are in so much pain. Good luck to everyone and if you can get this tablet i really hope it helps you.

Take care everyone.

From Glojo."

Has anyone else tried to to manage their fibromyalgia? Are you interested in trying it? 

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Metformin for fibromyalgia

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HI guys, I have Fibromyalgia and Type 2 Diabetes. I have been on Metformin for many years but I don't think it has helped. However, saying that, I am on a cocktail of medications and I do seem to function better than my Wife who also has Fibromyalgia. She currently isn't on any medication other than co-codamol for the pain and really struggles every day to function. I still suffer with sleep deprivation and pain but my medications help me to function better than my wife does, so there may be some correlation with the Metformin. I am interested to hear if anyone else is trying or who plans to try in the future to see if they experience any benefits.

Metformin for fibromyalgia

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I have one twice a day 12.5mg 1g tablet

1 in a morning and 1 after food later

Only trouble that have is the runs

But I seem to just go one times a day ..

My neighbours the same as me .

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