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Hello all, 

I have been diagnosed with fibro, 3 years or so now, my sister also over 4 years ago. However I feel I have the condition since I'm a teenager.!!

too many things to mention... Pain of and on from head to toes.... Each mostly out of the now I'm recovering from a creak in the neck and boy that had me completely dibabliated, for several days. Yes out of the blue, I did t do anything to cause it... I now blame everything for the fibro. However my spirits are good, I work part time, an occasionally full time, but im know I couldn't do full time more than a month.

After many trials nd swapping I seem to be on a com I action of tablets that seems to hold it, well hold me.... But the long term use has it's down sides... Even tho Gps say no and the details with the tablets don't say long term use is bad.... I have hair thinning,  very dry hair to not being able to loose weight. Even tho I feel I live on a healthy diet!!

this is a quick over view for my first entry, happy to chat to anyone.....



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Hi. I am new too. What combo of tablets are you on now? I have tried Lyrica and Amitripline but had to come off both because of side effects.

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Hello guys, 

I tried Lyrica and amitriptyline, both of which made me feel ill. I am on a combo of meds, Tramadol, Co-codamol, ibuprofen, morphine, pramipexole, mirtazapine, Baclofen, prochlorperazine, tolterodine, mebeverine, i think theres more but i cant remember totally  - The baclofen is a really useful drug to help the muscles relax, if it wasnt for this drug I wouldnt be able to walk! Worth mentioning it to your GPs guys. 



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