What is your opinion of your current treatment?


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In this discussion you can share your opinion on your current treatment for lupus:

  • do you find it effective?
  • how long have you been taking it?
  • do you have any side-effects?
  • would you like to switch to a different medication?

Don't forget that sharing your experiences helps other patients learn more about the condition.

Thank you in advance!

Beginning of the discussion - 26/10/2017

What is your opinion of your current treatment?

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We just live from one medical crises to another and deal with the effects caused. She has many diseases/conditions beyond Lupus it is a daily struggle to resolve each challenge. They have got my wife on tablets used for organ replacement to stop rejection but switch off her immune system. A simple cold/flu can be a killer and regular infections/boils mean every other month on anti-biotics. She has steroids and anti-biotics on standby to be taken when necessary but the boils/infections are becoming far to regular and require the strongest versions of anti-biotics. Monitoring her stats each day for SP02, heart rate, blood pressure etc. does allow us the chance to call medical before the ambulance is needed. Most GPs have not the experience to understand her conditions and the hospital has demanded if she has a sniffle I have to take her in to A&E. Constipation is the daily 'bug bear' and fight every few days as it becomes severe. Mainly self inflicted as she won't take specific medicine regularly enough to ease the issue. I have always relied on my wife to control our many drugs we take each day for our individual health problems but she gets so forgetful, a role I may have to control as her mental capacity depreciates.