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I've added this under spasticity as I'm not diagnosed with ms. I've been unable to work now for a year due to these symptoms I fell ill last January and was admitted to hospital, the neurologist assumed I'd had a stroke at first but after a mri scan that showed 14 lessons they looked at my medical history and said it was probably ms...... cutting a very long story short I have walked oddly since then knock kneed and on my toes and my new neurologist says because of how I walk it can not be ms as people with ms don't walk like me. So he said its functional gait disorder.

But I saw another neurologist privately who said people with functional gait disorder generally don't have brain lessons??

I've had symptoms for ten years now hearing loss, double vision, syatica, neuralgia both in my face and at the back of my head, muscle spasms, burning sensations, a water sensation under my skin  cognitive problems inc memory issues and now swallowing difficulties.....

So after a long winded post has anyone else been told they have functional gait disorder and then got diagnosed with ms as I'm kind of confused of what I should believe now. X

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Ms or functional gait disorder??

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I was diagnosed 19 years ago, I belong to a small ms group there’s only 14 of us, but what I have noticed over the last few years is that people are being diagnosed reluctantly or more slowly, some years after suspecting ms, I asked about my lesions years ago and (being a hairdresser) was told we can’t count them it’s like you asking how many split ends you have. I do also have stiffening  spasms with my legs. Maybe they are waiting to see your next relapse or if your symptoms deteriorate? 

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