A poem of hope for those living with cancer!


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                   Best friend

We all need a friend, a friend you can trust,

On the same wavelength, tuned in don't adjust,

My friend he's a natural, and he sure has it sussed,

And "Yes" I'm very lucky, a best friend's a must.

Now the time we've been friends an amazing 40 years,

With happiness and sadness, and once there was tears,

The once he caught cancer, just a small lump on his side,

Turned out to be terminal, leaving nowhere to hide,

But he wiped away my tears as I broke down and cried,

So into battle he went, with cancer, with war,

Knowing science had no answers and sadly no cure,

In battle Paul weakened even losing his hair,

Because cancer's fight dirty and no way is this fair.

Determined and angry Paul said "no way-. I'm not giving in, this cancer I've got on its head it will spin.

Then one day and out of the blue,

Paul had found a miracle the world wished it knew,

Now 5 years have passed and Paul's still alive,

With the answers to help, so others may strive,

And when his miracle does come out instead of being blighted,

I've got the best friend of all who deserves to be knighted.

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A poem of hope for those living with cancer!

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Hello @Discoultimate‍ thank you for sharing your poem with us! That's lovely to hear that your friend is doing well! What type of cancer does he have? Has it been hard for you to watch your friend go through that?

Take care,

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