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A lot of cancer patients and caregivers say that having a positive attitude is very important for general well-being and helps better cope with the diagnosis, as well as with treatment and its consequences.

What or who helps you stay positive? Does it come naturally, or do you have to make an effort, even if someone is helping you with it?

Share your tips on how to keep your thoughts positive.

Thank you!

Beginning of the discussion - 8/4/18

What helps you stay positive?
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I don't know about this one as during radio therapy towards the end it became very depressing as the effects became so terrible. Certainly panic once while in the machine required the ending of the treatment that day. The burns and lesions both external and internal on the throat were building. I was strapped to the machine's table by a plastic cage specially made to ensure I did not move, But with the massive weight loss caused the fitting to fail which could and did restart that treatment for the day. I was unable to eat causing a loss of six stone over the treatment and the threats to be forced to stay in hospital to be fed through a tube ever present. A young fit American airman going through the treatment at the same time was taken into hospital half way through the treatment. Then massive constipation caused by the morphine meant I had not been for several weeks. So keeping positive was not exactly the priority as just surviving the treatment was the aim and counting the days to the end. For those not being treated for head and neck cancer the treatment is much less problematic as the trunk or breast more resilient to such damage and long term affects. The burns and lesions can be treated by some excellent creams and your eating unaffected. If you don't need morphine to avoid the constipation but I had no idea of such effects and preparing for them can offset the effects. So listen to those staff supporting you, they know what happens and can be really helpful to avoid the pitfalls. Staff have to be sensitive, my brother suffering bone cancer began his treatment rather late and when through continual treatment to the end. He stayed really positive all the way through until the doctors told him they could do no more. It was at that point it broke him and died a week or so later, his spirit totally broken. I discussed it with his wife who was upset that the young doctor put it over in an unfeeling way. The staff should never destroy hope in an insensitive way but no doubt this was due to doctor's inexperience.

What helps you stay positive?
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That's a difficult one, everyone is affected very differently by their treatment so what works for one most certainly won't work for another. 

For me I don't tend to take life that seriously so I don't stay down for very long. That said, of course I have down days and on those days staying positive is harder. For me, I have himself and my wonderful dogs to keep me sane and grounded, I also practice yoga (badly!), pilates (stiffly) . I also try meditation but that really is a work in progress .

I think it's important to just deal with things in your own way, laugh if you can, cry if you need to and enjoy the small things. 

You don't have to positive if you don't want to! 

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