T1D and intimacy: What to do?


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Hello all,

I haven't logged in in quite a bit, but recently something has been bothering me and I hope it's alright to share it here. I've had type 1 for many decades now, but in recent years I've noticed that's it's become hard for me to be intimate with my SO.

The desire is there, but physically I just can't manage it anymore.

It's very difficult to me talk about, of course because I'm embarrassed. I know there's more to a relationship, especially one that has been as long as it's been with my SO, but I also think it's important that at some times we can still be close in that way.

I'm sorry if this isn't appropriate for the forum, I'm just feeling a bit at the end of my rope with this and I thought maybe others may know a bit of what I'm going through?

Has anyone else been through this?

Thank you

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T1D and intimacy: What to do?

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Hello @merrygoround, thank you for opening this discussion. I've renamed it "T1D and intimacy: what to do?" for more clarity. emoticon cute Let me tag some members who may be able to share with you on this.

Hello all, how are you today? Have you ever experienced problems in your romantic relationships? Do you think it's linked to our caused by your diabetes? Do you have any advice for @merrygoround‍?

Take care,

T1D and intimacy: What to do?

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@merrygoround I don't think you're the only one in this situation. I think libido can be lowered by diabetes and sometimes it can cause other dysfunctions. You should talk to your GP as well as your endocrinologist, there's no shame in it. They should be able to help you and refer you to someone if need be.

T1D and intimacy: What to do?

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@Penelope3 I agree, I think sexual dysfunction and low libido aren't uncommon in diabetics like you said. 

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