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I thinking of stopping my otezla because of the side effects, ie depression, has anybody done this and are there any withdrawal symptoms.

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@cplcharlie Hello,

Thank you for posting, I am sure there are some member son here that can share their experiences with you :)

Here is our fact sheet about otezla which gives information about it's usage.


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I am on my 3rd biologic and i have found that it has affected my emotions and moods immensely  however, the side effects are tolerable in comparison to life without a biologic. 

My GP has prescribed duloxetine which has helped greatly .

I would definitely not stop without exploring all available options .

Good luck. 


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@Samsara100 I'm on humira 40mg injection ones a week I have a bad tummy most of the time and my mood is verry low my emune system is verry low to I now got liver disease caused by none alcohol liver disease one now I'm a diebec tipe 2