Spasticity: How are you feeling today?


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Good morning everyone,

How are you today? emoticon cute


I've created this discussion to allow you to share on how you are doing each day and life's little daily pleasures. It will also allow you to get to know each other and discuss on lighter topics.

So, how are you feeling today?

Feel free to exchange and share right here! It's important that we support one another!

Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 01/07/2020

Spasticity: How are you feeling today?

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@Courtney_J Hi, I'm here for my sister, who has this with her MS. She is such an inspiration to me, because she is a light of joy and positivity through the pain and discomfort she has every day. 

I hope everyone is doing alright through this difficult period! xx

Spasticity: How are you feeling today?

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@Courtney_J I'm a bit new to this, I started having pain in my legs and stiffness in lockdown, and after seeing my doctor a few weeks ago I've found out that it is spasticity. I've been adjusting to it and trying to stay positive. 

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