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Dear members,

Carenity offers you an opportunity to become part of the Global Patient Partnership Programme created by AstraZeneca, an international pharmaceutical company.

As the Programme is organised in several European countries, the working language of all the collaboration procedures and documents will be English. Therefore, a good command of the English language (oral and written) is a mandatory requirement for all participants.

For the same reason, the Programme description you will find below is in English.

We hope that there will be similar opportunities in the future for those who cannot take part in the Programme because of the language barrier.

What is the Patient Partnership Programme (PPP)?

Through PPP, AstraZeneca would like to be able to listen to patients affected by moderate to severe asthma, as well as to learn and to co-create products and solutions together with them, in order to deliver benefits for all patients.

What does the Programme consist of?

The aim of the Programme is to bring the patient voice to AZ global teams working in clinical development, medical affairs, marketing, and patient access.

This could include projects such as, but not limited to, study protocol development, co-designing patient support tools and programmes, or developing patient educational materials.

Time commitment will vary depending on project needs and meeting types e.g. telephone, email, and in-person meetings.

Once enrolled, patient partners are matched to specific projects based on their area(s) of personal or professional expertise.

Project details such as the patient partner's role and responsibilities and time commitments will be discussed and agreed upon between AZ project sponsors and patient partners prior to initiation of activities. It is anticipated that discussions over telephone or videoconference may require less number of hours than in-person meetings, which may require travel time.

PPP partners are not obligated to participate in an activity if invited to do so. They have the right to terminate participation with the Patient Partnership Programme at any time.

Are there any specific requirements?

Participants of the PPP are people who:

- are affected by moderate to severe asthma
- have skills or experiences in functional areas pertinent to healthcare such as medical, science, research, digital health, marketing/communications, education, healthcare, regulatory, devices and other areas
- 18+ years old
- fluent in the English language
- Reside in the US, UK, Canada, or the EU

There can be up to 20 patients in the Asthma group for PPP.

Will there be much travelling?

It is anticipated that most work will be co-created via teleconference/videoconference or email. Extensive travel is not anticipated (likely no more than once or twice per year for a day or two, if at all).

How to apply?

You can apply online via this website:

You will need to answer some questions to make sure you correspond to the Programme's requirements.

If you have any questions about the Programme, your application, or other, don't hesitate to contact Lynn Hagger at

For more information on AstraZeneca, visit their website:

If you need more details, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you shortly.

 Kind regards,


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