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Lately, I feel incredibly lonely because of my depression. I have isolated myself from my friends and family and it seems they have decided to keep their distance from me. I don' t know how to destroy the gap I have created...I don't feel they understand and also, to be fair, I never could explain...

Anyone else like this?

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Feeling so lonely

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Yes I can relate to how you are feeling, but you have to give yourself the time to recover. It is very hard but you cannot worry about other peoples reactions.  Heal yourself first be kind to yourself.    It is hard for others to understand how it feels, when they have had the good fortune not to have had this illness.     I have also been through what you are feeling now,  but am gradually getting my life back. One day at a time 

Cheers liz xxxxx       YOU ARE NOT ALONE 

Feeling so lonely

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@lilylo @Gefruaw hey! How are you doing? I've lost contact with a few friends because of the way I reject them, I don't want to but I can't help... I still have a few true friends and family members that I am very honest with. I tell them how I feel, so they know what I really want, even when I'm not very kind to them!

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