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☺️Hi there, I have epilepsy and I'm 49yrs old .Im on tegretol 200mg x2 & Epilim 500mg x2

i thought I took both for epilepsy BUT MY MUM TOLD ME (before passing) that only ONE is for my fits ...there OTHER one is TO CALM ME DOWN???  Any truth in that? Also if true which tablet is for what? Ty Lizzie

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I'm thinking it won't be answer but worth a try

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@beth787878 Hi Beth,

Thank you for posting, I am sure there are some members who will have some advice for you. Here are the two fact sheets about the medication that you are currently on, these might be able to help you and give you more information. 

Tegretol and Epilim chrono.

Do any members have anything to add?


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 @beth787878‍ ... Hi Beth thank you for your query.

Many years ago I took Epilim but was allergic to it; it also didn't help control my seizures. As far as I know it is an anti-epileptic medication, not a calming one. Tegretol is definitely an anti-epileptic medication. 

I take Carbamazepine and Phenytoin daily; these I have been on for over 30 years now but they control my seizures.  Tegretol is the Brand Name for Carbamazepine. 

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