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Patients Epilepsy

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anonymous avatar Carenity Member
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people’s opinions on cannabis oil as treatment for epilepsy and other nurological conditions. Does anyone know how to go about it in the uk as have enough with meds to be honest. 

Beginning of the discussion - 12/3/17

Cannabis oil

anonymous avatar Carenity Member
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I am terrified of starting my 11 year old on the medication suggested (carbamazepine or Lomotriine) I was worried at most of the possible side effects, but then I read the warnings for people of Asian ancestry and the strong recommendation that all these people are screened for the HLA-B*1502 and the risk of the Stevens-Johnson syndrome. My daughter’s consultant seems to think this is unnecessary even thoUGH 100000 people die annually from the SJS in the US. I have opted for Chinese medicine for the time being until at least I have a clearer picture. Can any one offer any advice (including any facts on the effectivenes s CBD Oil) please.

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