Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis treatments are intended to better manage the effects of the disease.


Treatments seek to reduce the number, duration and intensity of flare-ups, while also treating existing symptoms. In addition to these medications, individualised rehabilitation is also recommended.

Immunomodulators are often prescribed as disease-modifying treatment. These drugs stimulate or suppress the immune system. Therefore, they are used to offset likely immune system disorders you may have. When you are experiencing a flare-up, other kinds of medications will be indicated, such as cortisone, a powerful drug with immediate anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects.

You may also be prescribed other medications for treating the symptoms and potential complications of your MS. These drugs may be prescribed to treat fatigue, pain, tremors or uncontrolled body movements, spasticity, urinary problems, constipation, etc.


In addition to the medical treatment you are receiving, an individualised rehabilitation programme may be prescribed for you. Rehabilitation is indicated whenever your fatigue becomes debilitating or whenever you begin to experience discomfort. Discomfort may include trouble controlling one of your upper limbs, difficulty maintaining your balance, speech disorders or urinary problems. 

Based on your needs, you may also receive medical accessories to help you walk (canes, crutches or a wheelchair) or to prevent pressure ulcers (pressure relief cushions or mattresses).

Your doctor may also recommend some more invasive forms of treatment, such as surgery, for your multiple sclerosis if you are experiencing intractable pain, spasticity or major urinary problems.

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Last updated: 05/04/2017

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