Do you know what caused your COPD?

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I was just diagnosed with COPD recently and I was wondering if anyone actually knows how or where they "got" this disease?

I'm not sure but I think it could only be from many years working in a garage with all the paints and things but I can't be certain of course.

I've been feeling so destroyed by this, my life feels over. 

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Do you know what caused your COPD?

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Hello @faroes‍, thank you for opening this discussion. Let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you.

Hi all, how are you today? Do you know what may have caused or contributed to your COPD? Was it smoking or an occupational cause like faroes? Or is the origin of your COPD unknown?

Feel free to share here!

Take care,

Do you know what caused your COPD?

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Good advisor


The major causes are:

Air pollutants

Risk factors include:

Occupational exposure- Intense and prolonged exposure to workplace dusts, chemicals and fumes
Early childhood infections
Genetics ( Alpha 1 antitrysin deficiency )

So not all smoking but not in the case of my wife who dispite her Asthma smoked all her life, stay safe!

Do you know what caused your COPD?

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I had bronchitis 5/6 times a year up to the time I started smoking 16 1/2 and have also worked with many chemicals over the years such as ,

gun wash

carbon black 

toluene  etc etc 

Do you know what caused your COPD?

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I worked with mek ,ethanol as I used to build inkjet printers, plus I used to solder ,mother boards and also worked with injection moulding, but I also used to smoke cigarettes from a young age till I stopped when I was in my 40s plus being a coeliac hasnt helped either and since having radiotherapy for my breast cancer that has also hasnt helped because now I have bad asthma and emphysema I am on ventolin, seretide, and triopium, plus I take my anastrazole for my cancer and many more meds for all my other illnesses but I'm going to respiratory clinic on the 17th at 11 am but she was saying that I might have to have another prescription for a tablet at night and up my seratide  Tigger 

Do you know what caused your COPD?

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Mine was a combination of smoking ( gave up 20 years ago ) and paper dust which I worked with in a confined space for 30 years .I was diagnosed with Emphysema over 20 yrs ago and I must say retiring worked wonders .I am just recovering from throat cancer but still feel good .

Do you know what caused your COPD?

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It's interesting to read that many of may have gotten it from work. You always hear that it's mostly caused by smoking. I wonder if they underestimate the occupational cases. I smoked from when I was young to when I had the kids and then spent years working with cars

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