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Im new to this group but im trying everything i can at the moment t beat this depression and suicidal thoughts. I havnt felt this low in my hole life i jis feel like im on the outside watching everyone live there lives. I feel sad and lonely all the time. Im a single mother to a 3 year old boy and

hes the only reason i get up every morning, everything seems so much harder at the moment the pain is unbearable

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Need to beat this
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Good advisor

Hi Nicole + Welcome. You may be struggling but you are strong in your approach /attitude. Yes, you can beat depression/suicidal thoughts and I speak from my own personal experience. It must be so hard as you are looking after your little boy. He will be your rock as like you state' he will be the reason to get up.

My dog was my rock as she needed feeding/walking. My sons were older and so didn't need my constant attention. Do you have any family or close friends who can help you?

Are you receiving professional help or are on medication?

My life was just one,dark, lonely frightening bubble, with no glimmer of light.

In time ,as there are no short cuts with depression that darkness got lighter and yours will also.

If you have any spare time when your little one goes to bed, do something nice for you. Don't sit and over think things; be gentle on yourself.

Do you recognize what has led you to be depressed?

Once you acknowledge, accept and embrace 100% all the tools/help available then that will be when your recovery can truly begin.

Go for walks, taking time out to notice/point out the flowers instead of the weeds. Truly notice your surroundings.

Establish a routine; eat and sleep well.

Try not to look too far ahead; little by little ,day by day

Set yourself small targets.

Adopt the 2 steps forward, 3 steps back attitude.

Concentrate on your breathing. Focus on it and nothing else.

If you are having suicidal thoughts then I urge you to visit your GP.

Your life will be wonderful, it just takes time, patience and a lot of self belief and self loving.

Always here to listen/chat /support.

Gentle hugs, wrapped with love.

Julie x

Need to beat this
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I'm feeling similarly run down. Especially when you're dealing with an illness that most people have never heard of. I just want to stay in bed all day and not see anyone. How do I snap out of this?

Need to beat this
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Hello I'm new here,

I just want to talk to people who are dealing with depression and how they get from day to day. I'm clinically depressed and sometimes cut myself as well. I'm too afraid to die, but I hate living. Anyone relate? It's horrible.