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People sometimes tend to mistake psoriasis for allergies as it may have the same symptoms. But also allergies can sometimes accompany psoriasis, even if their causes are different.

Have you suffered from any allergies apart from your psoriasis? Do you think your allergies have worsened your symptoms in any way? How did you treat your allergies?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience and your tips!

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Psoriasis and allergies
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hi yes over the years i have become allergic to many things like penicillin and  asprin and drugs called nsaid,s even methotrexate and its because my body builds up an immunity to them ive also become allergic to some foods like dairy and tomatoes i know when i have the allergies taking the allergy tablets makes my psoriasis flare up but then  also did the glue on the smoking patches .when i mentioned it to the doctors they said they did not really know what the answer could be so when i do get the allergy i have to weigh up on weather to take the allergy pills and have a flare up or not and suffer the effects

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