Psoriasis: mirrored flare-ups

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This message is just to see if anyone recognises any patterns regarding how psoriasis appears on their body.

the reason I ask is; I have always noticed that if I have any new psoriasis appear on one side of my body I can be pretty sure that I will get it on the other side of my body in the same or very similar place (why is that?) you would have thought it would be a random thing, but its not random because whatever's controlling the psoriasis process in the body for some reason mirrors either side of the body.

Has anyone ever noticed they have the same happen to them, or maybe have an explanation for this.

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Psoriasis: mirrored flare-ups

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@Warmhearted Hello Gary,

Thank you for sharing your experience, it will be interesting to see if other members have also experienced this.

Have you ever experienced this? Do you also suffer from mirrored psoriasis?


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