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Patients Psoriasis

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what side affects have you had whilst using any of the treatments for psoriasis good or bad ??

Beginning of the discussion - 6/8/18

side effects of the drugs used to treat psoriasis

anonymous avatar Carenity Member
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i guess i should kick off this one as i asked the question as i have had many different side effects from the various treatments i have had such as muscle weakness and body  pain and headaches and nausea some days i have felt so ill that i could not function properly for up chucking .

the worst side effects i ever had was when i was on what they call a cycle of drugs first Acitretin then methotrexate then cyclosporin i was on and off these drugs over the last 40 years they in turn weakend my immune system so much that it left it open to infections mostly chest infections and flue like symptoms abdominal cramps and ulcers arthritis  .and eventually COPD  and a brain tumor and of course arthritis in the end it nearly cost my life  it took me nearly five years after stopping all  the drugs to feel some kind of normal but i am now allergic to many different things like penicillin and asperin and ibroprofin all drugs known as nsaids even the treatment for psoriasis even over the counter cold and flu medication and cough syrup  i am alergic to dairy cheese milk bread tomatoes and fish and  strong sunlight and perfumed soap even washpowder .

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