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Patients Psoriasis

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Hi everyone,

You are suffering with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis and you know nothing about biotherapy (biological therapy)? Then it's time to talk about it!

-      What is biotherapy?
-      What are the conditions to have access to this treatment? etc.

If you are currently treated by biotherapy, let other patients benefit from your experience!

-      Are you satisfied with this treatment?
-      What are the drawbacks of it?

Share your tips and advice with other Carenity members by commenting on this discussion.

We also invite you to take part in a survey on biotherapy. Click here to learn more and participate, if you haven’t already done that.

Kind regards,
The Carenity team

Beginning of the discussion - 2/22/17

A new survey on biological therapy

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Does anyone else suffer from diarrhoea and sinus since starting Cosentyx?

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