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I think throughout life one suffers from all the stated anxieties but as one grows older, more experience, encouragement, support one can jump from one to another leaving some, or most of the old feelings behind tucked away but they can rear their ugly feelings at times, it's trying to find a suppressant method.

I personally feel secure this has taken many years to develop gaining life experiences, knowledge and confidence so if the demons return I can cope with them to stop any damage they would like to do. Everyone is different.

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I have to be very careful with what I drink as lots of drink has gluten and wheat in as being a coeliac I can only non gluten and wheat and it is very hard when celebrating or Xmas time or holidays when I. Celebrating anything I drink preseco or gluten free beer or can of coke can't drink bottle ones as they are made differently it is very hard to know what is safe and what is not that is why I joined coeliac UK because they have a scanner that is for coeliacs and to me I scan everything just to stay safe as I was diagnosed when I was 49 but been like this from birth so everything I enjoyed having was slowly killing me that's why I was anorexic had 2.5 foliate.. Suffered with anomeia left me with brittle bones which I didn't have any calcium my teeth was crumbling had to have them all extracted by an operation which meant I couldn't have false teeth for an Year, so if you have stomach problems, indegestion, then get checked out,. Tigger

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What child does not have issues these days, certainly mine have issues ranging from self harm, drug abuse, mental health issues, sexual abuse etc. etc. Getting them to talk about it has always been an issue and getting help from the NHS a lost cause. Is there anyone in the family close to you daughter that may be able to get her to talk as parents sometimes are seen as the enemy or they don't want you to know they have made a mistake. Sadly today children seem to be glued to the 'online experiencies' rather than making direct friends. We were very worried about my daughter as she had no direct local friends, her whole life based online. It was not until we had some chats with friends that this seem to be a trend.

If you can gain some hint of her 'problem' there are some excellent groups on Facebook that can inform and share real experience of diverse problems. I must admit I found out to late of such groups and how useful they are, virtually every subject/issue is covered. I just had the delight of adopting our granddaughter through an SGO, the worst experience of our lives. Both parents have mental health problems, both tried to commit suicide, self harm etc. during the process. Social Services were terrible, lying in court, appalling dishonesty and no help anywhere. We won our case despite objections from Social Services the judge saw through their lies. But the point is, I found the Facebook groups with lots of similar experiencies of people all over the country, all to late but we were not alone. So my point is, try to identify her area of issues and look for a group with similar experiencies.

I had to section my son for a few days earlier this year but the NHS system is broken and discharging them quickly seems to be their intention. They now have him on various drugs and increasing strength, the Mother of our grandchild with serious mental issues where I supervise her on any contact, as directed by the courts. I have used various phycologists and therapists over many years and recent a therapist with our grandchild to check out our concerns, she was fantastic, no issues found thankfully. So there are various options for sourcing them online locally, therapists cheaper than phycologists. For the recent therapist, last year it was £55 a session and years ago phycologists triple or a lot more.

You may find it may be bullying of somekind and not more serious problems, talking is the best way to get a hint of the issue. Good luck!

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@Pippadog Yes I switched over to the electric overblankets for nearly tenty years ago and never was cold again. My wife uses her side just to warm her up but I enjoy the full overnight heat and improved my sleep no end. So cheap to use and I have one at my static caravan, very useful this Easter being so cold!

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