Living with chronic pain while doctors experiment with treatments

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I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with RRMS, then 2 years ago I had a tumour the size of a water melon removed from where it had been growing from between my L5 and S1 vertebrae. Since then I have learned to walk again but am living with chronic pain every day as well as bladder dysfunction and a lack of sensation during sex. After discussing this with my neurologist I was told, 'if that's all that's wrong you should count yourself lucky'. I have visited my GP on several occasions as I am finding the constant pain and limited mobility exhausting. on my on my last visit I was told that I have now been referred to a neurophysio and have had my medication tweaked. Has anyone out there had any issues with Pregabalin, also known as Lyrica???? I'm now on 300mg per day Along with tramadol, lanzoprazol, naproxen and a new hormone pill, heres hoping they can finally get on top of my pain management. 

Latest MRI results show no new tumours although I do now have a gap between my L5 and S1 vertebrae where the tumour was growing from but they will monitor this. My pelvis and left hip have deteriorated a little and I am looking for advice on how to prevent further deterioration.

any advice on anything I've said would be gratefully received as I feel completely alone. My husband is fab but doesn't understand how exhausted I feel all of the time and how painful everything is xx 

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Living with chronic pain while doctors experiment with treatments

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Hi Scronti. 

What an awful thing your neurologist said to you! "Count yourself lucky". He should try and walk a mile in your shoes. I myself do not struggle with pain from the MS. Do you know if it is MS related or maybe something else? Like arthritis or fibromyalgia? Did the pain start after you got the tumour? I have been looking around in some of the other forums, since I am always curious :) I stumbled upon a post about relieving pain and someone said that she takes a herbal tablet called "Devils Claw".. Supposedly you can get it at Holland & Barrett. Worth a shot :)

Do you know if maybe the lack of sensation during sex could be a side effect from some of the meds you're taking? I would check that, if you haven't yet..

Hope you have a pain-free day! xx

Living with chronic pain while doctors experiment with treatments

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Hi scronti

I suffer with a lot of pain daily and am now off all medication as none of them helped much pregablin made me pile on weight and all the other meds male me tired and unmotivated I have been med free for a month now and am feeling better than I have for 3 years on meds I take legal cannabis oil 3x a day and that's it 

I hope you can sort your pain out xx

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