New study on sideeffects from MS drugs

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Hello everyone,

A new report on the side effects of MS drugs is out. On a scoring system it tells us which is the safest and which has the most side effects. On a scale from 1-100 (100 being the worst), the interferon drugs scored the worst. You can read the article here.

What are your experiences with the treatments? Experiencing the flu-symptoms from Avonex? Or maybe vision disorders from Gilenya?

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New study on sideeffects from MS drugs

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I am not surprised that Avonex got such a bad score! I was on it for two years and I got so sick from taking it! Every tuesday night I took the shot and I knew that my wednesday would be totally ruined. Sometimes I would be feeling ok and would try to do e.g. the groceries. It always ended with me calling my boyfriend to pick me up because I got so drained after 10 minutes, that I could hardly move. Oh yes, and the supermarket was right across the street from us! The flu symptoms were really bad, especially the first year and a half. The last 6 months it got better, not great, but better. Now I'm on Gilenya, which is like a dream compared to Avonex. No side effects at all! 

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