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@magicmick‍  who has had psoriasis since birth, tells us about how it has affected him at different stages of his life. Having had trouble receiving proper treatments for a long time, he advocates for the information on proriasis treatments to be available for every patient, no matter how advanced their psoriasis is.

Read his testimonial here: https://www.carenity.co.uk/condition-information/magazine/testimonials/how-psoriasis-affects-ones-life-37

And don't hesitate to leave a comment and connect with @magicmick‍ !

Thank you @magicmick‍ for sharing your story with us!

Beginning of the discussion - 25/06/2018

A new patient's story on Carenity!

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hi and thank you @magicmick‍ stay strong!

A new patient's story on Carenity!

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thanks 3three3 for your kind comments

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