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Catching a cold is not a pleasant thing in itself, but when you have MS, it can affect you even more than other people.

A regular cold can turn into a long-lasting one, with more severe symptoms and a difficult recovery, various complications and, finally, MS exacerbations which can be triggered by fevers.

How do you protect yourself from getting sick in winter? Do you avoid sick people, hospitals, etc to not catch the virus? Do you follow special preventive programmes that were recommended to you by your doctor or elaborated by yourself and based on your own experience?

If you do get a cold, what are your first steps and how do you manage your MS during the period of the illness? Has it ever caused flares in your case?

Don't hesitate to join in and share your stories and your views on handling cold while having MS. Your tips will be very welcome! emoticon wink

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Catching a cold with MS

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My cold started as soon as my 4 month course of  antibiotics for bladder infection which was extreme as I do not have any feeling from the waist down hence didn't realiseonly I had very wet nights as if I had a shower! Being 68 years of age I knew I wasn't having the 'change of night sweats. From here I suddenly had such painful body all around my stomach & backside u could hardly breath. Then started to see my urine in my night bag a definite 'blood in urine. My doctor prescribed antibiotics course 14 days then another named antibiotics Trim.....(can't remember full name) then two more courses. A cough development with dore throat & didnt feel like eating just wanted water. Sicknesses next with the cough then chesty. This went on for 8 weeks! Slowly tapering off. That's one cold I would never forget & lost 2 stone!

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