Do you have Secondary Progressive MS?

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I have had ms since 2004 and it was rrms but I’m having more problems and my consultant has mentioned secondary ms to me .i last has treatment of lemtrada ( which put me in icu ) on a ventilator and in a coma . 
  I have not received anything since 2015  but I am struggling with thinking memory  walkIng tripping up being clumsy  .i  am booked in for an urgent mri on the 13th of this month then go to  relapse clinic on the 26th can anybody give me any advice on what treatment they may offer me please .?

 thank you val 


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Do you have Secondary Progressive MS?

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@Vallyvoo Hello Vallyvoo, thank you for opening this discussion. I'm sorry to hear you've been having a relapse.  Let me tag some members who can share their experiences and advice with you.

Hello all, how are you today? Were you diagnosed with secondary progressive MS at the outset, or did your RRMS gradually progress into SPMS? How long did it take for that to happen? How do you cope with relapses? Can you share any insights or advice with Vallyvoo on treatment options?

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Do you have Secondary Progressive MS?

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Being told I had leapt from relapsing remitting was almost as bad. As being notified I had ms after numerous tests through the post. I was twenty had a young toddler. That's one hard pill to swallow. It knocked me for six 

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