MS disability: Do you know your FS score?

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The Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) is a method of quantifying disability in multiple sclerosis. The scale was developed by John F. Kurtzke.

The EDSS quantifies disability in eight Functional Systems (FS) and allows neurologists to assign a Functional System Score (FSS) in each of these.

Kurtzke defines functional systems as follows:

  • pyramidal (muscle weakness or difficult moving limbs)
  • cerebellar (impaired coordination, loss of balance, tremor)
  • brainstem (problems with speech, swallowing and nystagmus)
  • sensory (numbness or loss of sensation)
  • visual (problems with sight)
  • bowel and bladder (incontinence)
  • cerebral (problems with thinking and memory)
  • other

Once the test is taken, then the results can tell us according to the scale, the level of disability. The results in general are as follows: EDSS steps (results) 1.0 to 4.5 refer to people with MS who are fully ambulatory. EDSS steps 5.0 to 9.5 are defined by the impairment to ambulation.

Has anyone here taken this test? How was your experience taking it? Do you recomend it for others?

Thanks for sharing your info :)



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MS disability: Do you know your FS score?

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I have been given EDSS scores by my neurologist following our annual appointments. I've been seen by neurologists for the last 10 years but wasn't aware until this year that I would have one and what it was for. I asked my latest neuro about it and yes I'd been given one for all this time. Mine have been based on each appointment's clinical assessment and my feedback rather than a clearly defined test, your neuro has to put your EDSS on file so you can ask if they've not told you yours.

MS disability: Do you know your FS score?

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My EDSS is 6.5

It's based on a physical exam and discussion regarding your symptoms with your consultant.  As Charlee said, they don't don't necessarily share it with you. You don't generally need it unless you are claiming benefits in which case it can be very useful.

MS disability: Do you know your FS score?

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Hello all,

I hope you're doing well. Have you seen this older discussion? emoticon cute

Have you heard of an EDSS score? Has your neurologist ever give you your score?

It is often said that the EDSS test focuses too much on walking, underestimates the importance of upper body function and completely ignores mood and mental health.

Do you feel like your score accurately represents how MS impacts your life? 

Feel free to share here!

Take care,

MS disability: Do you know your FS score?

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Hello, mine is 6.5 and my neurologist always writes it in the letters he sends me after my six-monthly visits. He talked me through how he came to that number.

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