House chores... taking one chore at a time

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Hello everyone!

Taking care of the house while having MS is not an easy task. Some people hire someone, but other take it one day at a time. They clean the kitchen monday, the bathroom tuesday and so on...

What are your tricks to keep it all together?

We want to hear your opinion. Remember that sharing helps others to cope and prevent!



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House chores... taking one chore at a time

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Hello @GildaT 

I totally agree that there is a moment in which you can't do everything at the same time as before, this condition wares you down and you have to ive with that.

Me what I do is that I pay someone to come and help me once a week. Since I have kids I can't do it all by myself even if I do it in pieces. So this lovely girl helps me once a week with the big things, and then the rest I do it myself and I also ask my husband for help. Sometimes I can't count much on him cause he has his depressive episodes, so I have to be strong for both. But my daughter she helps me a lot too.

I think it is a team work, as in all families even if you have all your health or not.

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