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hi everyone was recently diagnosed with MS and I'd like to ask about symtoms tracking diary I read about. Apparently it helps learn about all the symptoms you have over time, follow the evolution and determine the pattern..

I'd liek to know if anyone keeps such a diary ?

If not how do you keep track of everything you feel and determine whether it's due to MS or not.?

thanks for yor help!

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Symptoms Diary

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Hi Ladymary

I'm new to this site and wish to know if you are willing to share info etc.

  I ask you to get back in touch with me in order to share experiences of MS. and thank you - Good luck and God bless, Ron

Symptoms Diary

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Good advisor

Hi @Ron Smith,

Just to remind you that you need to tag another member using "@" so that they could get notified of your comment.  wink.png

You are very welcome to share your experience with other MS patients in our community! Here are some discussions that could interest you:

- What is the type of your MS?

- Fatigue

- Carbamazepine

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on using the website wink.png

Kind regards,


Symptoms Diary

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Hi @Ron Smith when were you diagnosed?

Symptoms Diary

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never heard of the symptoms diary.. do you have one @Ron Smith?

Symptoms Diary

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          and the symptoms diary is ...........................................?

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