What are your top tips/advice for newly diagnosed members?


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Hello members,

The goal of this discussion is to have members who have had the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis for about 10 or more years to give their best advice and top tips to members who have been recently diagnosed with MS on how to better accept the diagnosis, cope with the condition, and live a fulfilling life.

Members who have been diagnosed for roughly 10 or more years, Please join in on this discussion and share your wisdom.

Members who have been recently diagnosed, Please join in on the discussion, ask questions, and feel the support.

Beginning of the discussion - 25/03/2019

What are your top tips/advice for newly diagnosed members?

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I would recommend that you regularly contact your MS nurse and try and get as much information as possible. They say that "knowledge is power" and it really is.

When I was living more in town, I used to attend a support group for MS. I would recommend this highly for anyone who is newly diagnosed.

What are your top tips/advice for newly diagnosed members?

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I was diagnosed about 6 years ago. But i went to my neurologist 3 years prior to this. Id been having symptoms i.e numbness of my hand pain in my right leg  of and on for a few years. But this time i had lermits down my neck and spine. Unfortunately after my tests i.e blood mri scan etc. they said they wasnt ruling out m.s but....they never got back to me. In the meantime i was having personal issues and i put myself to the back untill 3 years past and my symptoms got worse. So i went to my Dr. Who was fuming that id heard nothing i had to go through all the tests again after oodles of apoligies and was diagnosed with relapsing remitting m.s.  Thankfully my symptons remain stable.  At the moment im going through a bout of depression.  I feel better now ive shared this. 

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